My Blog Etymology

As I mentioned in my last post, this blog is meant to serve a number of purposes:

  1. To help me discover more about myself.
  2. To serve as an outlet for creative self-expression.
  3. To better the articulate in my thoughts.
  4. To let others know a little bit more about me.

So naturally, let’s start with the last question.  Why “My Life Is Baller?”  Simply put – I’m a huge sports nerd.  Not just a fan, but a nerd.  It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about what defines me.  Every Sunday, I’ve got the Panthers game streaming on the big screen, and a plethora of sports mobile apps pulled up on the small screen.  The commercial breaks are for checking box scores, player stats, and the results of other sports.  Fantasy Football?  Don’t even get me started.

I never played sports in middle and high school – unless you count Taekwondo or Speech & Debate.   So it’s kinda weird how I’d even get into sports in the first place.  My parents are Chinese immigrants, so it’s not like I was born into a family of diehard fans:

So why?

My parents are self-employed, and Sunday has always been my dad’s day off.  And for as long as I can remember, he’d invite a few of his friends over every Sunday, crack open a couple of Bud Lights, and watch football for 10 hours.


I was about eight when I realized that my dad’s obsession with football wasn’t just because he was a Panthers fan.  Wanting to keep his eyes glued to the screen and knowing I wasn’t doing anything important, my dad would tell me, “Alex, I want you to go on and look under ‘Odds.’  Tell me the spread on the Cowboys and Packers games.”

So because a couple of 40-year-old guys wanted to try their luck at earning a few extra bucks on their days off, I was hooked.  I started watching games with them.  I started to get excited at the big plays.  I started playing football with my neighbors.  And as I learned more about the game, I began to keep track of all the stats.  Of course, football was a team sport, so the only stat that really mattered was the number in the wins column.  But it was interesting to me to link and analyze what contributed to a team’s wins.  Was it because they had the best quarterback in the league?  Or was it because of their defense?  I felt that I gained a much greater appreciation for the game, as well as its players, by doing this so frequently.  It carried over when I started watching the NBA too.

I realize that I’ve droned on a long time about my love of sports, and I promise that my future blog posts won’t have this much technical jargon.  I just want people to see where I’m coming from.

“My Life Is Baller” is this – a compilation of all the mundane events in my life, made more exciting by sports GIFs and images.  

“My Life Is Baller” is something that I want to have fun with.  It lets me blog about myself while keeping a centralized theme, that defines me in some way.  It’s my branding project.  Since I can’t videotape my life 24/7, I figure that the next best thing is to show you an equivalent of how I felt at certain points of my life after the fact.  It’s my life retold as a highlight reel.

I hope you’ll keep reading – I’ve got an endless supply of GIFs to relate to my life in some way.  Who better to kick things off with than a 6-foot-8, 250-pound behemoth of a brand himself?





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