Writers’ Block Makes Me Talk About a Cool Shirt Instead of Sports Today

One of the toughest things that I’ve learned about keeping a blog is the 5-inch thick brick wall of writers’ block that occasionally appears out of nowhere.


Suddenly, what you think you want to write about you can’t seem to progress, and you’re stuck in a situation where you’re trapped in a box, tossing ideas back and forth with yourself.  And I think I’ve made it tougher for me personally, since my centralized theme is sports-related and I’ve got to roll with it at this point.  So here’s a personal monologue and live play-by-play of my actions as I hold you all over for my “feature” blog post about the Super Bowl tomorrow. It’s a topic which, I can guarantee you, I can go on for pages about.

Right now, I’m shopping for stuff on Amazon.  Mostly cheap shirts.  I’m a huge fan of graphic tees that feature pop culture references, or are just plain humorous.  For example, I’m about to pull the trigger on this:


The “Share With Friends” isn’t actually part of the shirt, don’t worry.  It would be an absolute design disaster if it was.  The bottom trim of the shirt would be way too long, uneven, and there would be no point in putting such large, different, white text down there.  It almost seems like it’s out of place and shouldn’t belong on the shirt… good thing it is.

But why buy this shirt?  I like the way it looks, first and foremost.  Truth be told, I’m not even that big a Beatles fan (though this is one of my favorite songs by them).  And Star Wars?  Haven’t seen a single movie in full (though I’ll become a Jedi one day, I promise).  But I’ve been around these two “brands” long enough to get the humor in this shirt.  And more diehard fans of both will too, and probably even appreciate the humor more.  It’s a hilarious, clean looking shirt that’s awesome.  My only quandary at this point:  Out of Stock, so no Prime shipping right now.  5-7 days.  That’s a good sign, right?  I must be doing something right if I’m trying to buy a shirt that’s sold out.

Prepare for my amateur analysis on the Super Bowl matchup between the Panthers and Broncos tomorrow.







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